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There were things about being the wife of an ENTREPRENEUR that I was totally unaware of. As in COMPLETELY in the dark about. Can you say...NO the words 'TOTAL IGNORANCE' mean anything...You get the picture...We've been married almost 9 years now and I think I have finally figured most of it out. That doesn't mean I totally like it...there definately are days that it sure tries to get the best of me...but at least I have learned what to expect. Mostly.

First, just exactly what is and ENTREPRENEUR? Well, according to

en-tre-pre-neur [ahn-truh-pruh-nur, -noor]


1. a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

If only it were that easy...

I was trying to figure out just how to put this into words so that, you know, maybe it would help the next poor soul that falls in love and marries an ENTREPRENEUR. There are just some things you need to be in the know about. Things that will become part of your everyday life.

I came across an article on wikiHow. wikiHow is a place where anyone can contribute to the 'how to' manual of whatever subject strikes your fancy apparently. And apparently this was something that made the list. It was very comforting and a huge relief to know that the things I've had to 'self-teach' myself apparently are the same things that everyone who contributed to the article also had to learn. Or, maybe some of them already knew what it would take. Or maybe an 'entrepreneur' wrote it, cuz, you know, they are the ones that understand themselves the best. I dunno. However it all came about it was definately reassurance to me that, apparently, I mostly got it right (after a lot of practice mind you). I had a good chuckle over many of the 'instructions' of 'how to' and related to just about every one of them. I feel that I've mastered can read the entire article here if you want but I just wanted to share the ones that I have definately experienced first hand and have mostly mastered the required techniques when dealing with my Entrepreneur...a/k/a the 'Hubby'

First thing that I noticed was the accuracy of the opening paragraph..

'If you've ever dated, married or been interested in an entrepreneur, you know that they think, act and relate differently than the average person. Sometimes that can be a challenge for the non-entrepreneur, especially one who doesn't realize that they aren't crazy, they just need to get through to their sweetie.'

I can't begin to tell you how many times I, the 'non-entrepreneur', have had to rethink how to state my position or opinion on something because 'plain english' just wasn't makin' the point. I definately have to think a little 'sideways' more times than not.

Another point that was dead-on ...

'Careful about time. Entrepreneurs tend to get up early and stay up late. You'll likely see a comfy couch in their office - short naps are the backbone of most of the successfully self-employed. They squeeze in e-mails, calls and deals in between bites of dinner and trips to the bathroom. If they see it as a 'waste of time,' they'll be grumpy if not allowed to cut free and move onto something deemed productive.'

My Entrepreneur...a/k/a the 'Hubby' is usually always up before me, usually only minutes, but he gets up first, and if I even suggest going to bed before midnight he looks at me like I've grown a second head. He definately squeezes in the e-mails, calls, texts, etc. and has had a comfy couch in every office we've ever had. And uses it too!


'Business minded to the point of scanning every environment you are in for business ideas or drifting off after you tell them something random and swimming back into the conversation after turning your random comment into a business application. They are also problem solvers in the extreme and will simply not understand you wanting to talk through something without coming to a solution. If you need them to stop problem solving for you, be direct and tell them so. It may take some getting used to, but when they begin to see that you solve your own problems in your own time frame, they will generally lay off and let you do your own thing.'

My Entrepreneur...a/k/a the 'Hubby' is always looking to see if he can turn anything into something that he can apply to something...More than once I've been talking to him and stop and wait and he has no idea that I stopped...or sometimes what I even said...grrrrrr...and he is ALWAYS trying to help me solve anything that frustrates me. He can't stand to see me frustrated and feels that he can help with anything and everything....Some day I'll tell you 'bout the time he tried to 'fix' my computerized embroidery maching...You know, 'cuz it was a 'computer' afterall...And if he would please stop offering to help me write this post.....


'Be independent and ready to fill your own time. If you need to be the center of your honey's attention, you may really struggle with what will seem to you to be an inordinate amount of time spent at the computer/office/in meetings/on the phone.'

The only thing I'll say about this is that I took up crochet again, and reading a lot, and sewing....just sayin'

And then there's this one...

'Be optimistic, positive and generally not prone to worry. Bingo. You're the entrepreneur's version of a rock star.'

Yeah, ummmm...I'm not so good at this one....I can't sing worth a darn either...In other words...I'm no rock star...

I think I laughed the hardest to this one...

'Be flexible with time, expectations and plans. You guessed it; most entrepreneurs don't know the meaning of 'weekend','evening', or 'vacation.' Here are some examples: :

  • You might be shocked to find that your entrepreneurial love interest expects to continue working - via phone - even on their honeymoon and the entrepreneur will be surprised if you get upset about it.
  • A vacation with an entrepreneur might involve negotiating phone and laptop time.
  • Many entrepreneurs will ask a date if they are ok with them taking care of 'this little bit of business' in between dinner and later plans.'

Ok, I'll give My Entrepreneur...a/k/a the 'Hubby' some credit here...He didn't work on our honeymoon...However, he did rack up a ginormous cell phone bill while we were in the Bahamas on a mini vacation (sorta), between the phone calls and internet it was crazy...and I think he's finally learned why I no longer like to 'sit at the bar' and will wait for a table everytime when we venture out to eat. I think it finally sunk in that I DON'T LIKE SITTING AT THE BAR ALONE while he takes care of a little bit of business.

Working or not working, and all that charm....

'Know when they are 'on the clock'. You can recognize this state of being by the one word answers, slightly clipped replies, distracted mentality and maybe a little irritability if you interrupt a stream of thought or creativity. When they are 'off the clock' on the other hand, this is likely the person you fell for. Many entrepreneurs have a great sense of humor, intellect and creativity. Some also have natural charisma and charm when they have the time to just relax with loved ones. When an entrepreneur sets his or her eyes on someone they want to get to know better, you become their latest goal and all that talent, charm, sales-ability and intellect that usually goes toward getting more business will come your way.'

Yep....yep...and yep....

And then there were the 'Warnings'...such as...

'You HAVE to communicate! Even if they don't seem to have time (they never will), ask them to schedule you in to discuss the important things.'

Yes, I've been known to make 'appointments' with My Entrepreneur...a/k/a the 'Hubby'. Sometimes it's the only way ...

'Don't expect them to have a 'normal' 9-5 schedule. It just won't happen. If you can't accept that, then move along. Also, a real entrepreneurial type will likely never retire. If they say they will, don't believe it or ask them what they mean by 'retire.'

My Entrepreneur...a/k/a the 'Hubby' works at least 18 hours a day...and he has already told me that he will NEVER retire.

'If you want a secure life with money going steadily into a retirement account, regular paychecks, coverage under workers comp insurance, medical benefits, and a host of other perks that normal executives get, do not marry an entrepreneur.'

Nobody told me this BEFORE I fell in love with and married this guy....geeeshhh...

All things considered, I think I've done pretty good adjusting to the life as a wife of an entrepreneur...and truth be told, even if I had known all of this before we said I Do I wouldn't have changed a thing...

Besides, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...right?!?!?Wink

I Love You, Honey!!! xoxox


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