I'm a 'Mad Hatter'

April 26, 2012 comments

I love to crochet.

I love to crochet hats...

They are quick...

They require very little yarn...

and they look so stinkin' cute on the little ones that I've made them for...

I LOVE to make hats...

And I love seeing these cute lil' faces in them...

You can just call me 'The Mad Hatter'

btw...my favorite go-to yarn is Caron Simply Soft and I get most of my patterns from various venders at Etsy...if you like any one in particular just let me know and I'll send you the link...Wink ...and each and every one of these cute lil' hats were made by me for those cute lil' ones that I love so much! 

Category: Crochet

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This is Me

Hmmmm... lemme see... Life-loving female, no longer in my 30's, married to my best friend, 2 amazing kids, 5 awesome step-kids and their significant others, 6 adorable grandkids and one lil' puppy, Cosmo.

We live in South Florida, but my heart is in Kentucky, where I was born... way back when.

You're welcome to stop by anytime, and, as I share bits and pieces of my life, more "About Me" will be defined, one post at a time.

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