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The Bird Girl

May 9, 2012 comments

I shared this picture from our backyard yesterday...I mentioned to ya'll that she is featured in one of my all time favorite movies that takes place in one of my all time favorite cities...I told ya that I would share the movie and the city here ya go!

The Bird Girl...

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This is Me

Hmmmm... lemme see... Life-loving female, no longer in my 30's, married to my best friend, 2 amazing kids, 5 awesome step-kids and their significant others, 6 adorable grandkids and one lil' puppy, Cosmo.

We live in South Florida, but my heart is in Kentucky, where I was born... way back when.

You're welcome to stop by anytime, and, as I share bits and pieces of my life, more "About Me" will be defined, one post at a time.

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